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Dancer 1 Year!

Peter and Vera send me this picture of Dancer's first birthday! Big party today!
02-05-2009 , Mirjam

Shine got BOB in Eindhoven!
Shine got Best of Breed in Eindhoven (NL) and got so his first CAC and championship point. After this win, he got the 8th place in FCI group 1!
Britt had a fourth place in a class with much good bitches. So I'm very pleased.
08-02-2009 , Mirjam

Here a nice picture of Glenty, sister of Dancer. Daughter of Jairo and Roxy. A nice Christmas view, isn't it?

26-12-2008 , Mirjam

Pictures of Örni
Now photos of Örni online!

18-11-2008 , Mirjam

B-litter at their new homes!
The puppies at their new homes. Sadly still not a photo of Örni.

10-11-2008 , Mirjam

Nice show success!
Britt and Kyra got the last shows some nice results. Look at the showresultspage.

10-11-2008 , Mirjam

Our Wild Animals!
05-10-2008 , Mirjam

Shine passed his obedience test!
Shine came good through the test today and now he is able to start in any sportscompetion I like. I am very proud of my blue and white boy.
05-10-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained again BOB!
Shine gained after his second place at Saturday again BOB at Sunday.
This is his 6th BOB, quiet good, he is only 22 Months old.
And Kyra got her first CAC.
Dancer gained in Minor Puppy Class a very promising.

29-09-2008 , Mirjam

Puppies available!
Boy (3) is still available!

20-09-2008 , Mirjam

Shine again Cruftsqualifier!
Shine got on the Darlington Breed show again his Cruftsqualification.
I am very pleased.
17-09-2008 , Mirjam

Puppy's Jairo Candy 7-9-08
Still Puppy's available, as a Pet or Show Dog.

New photo's added in Album B-litter!
08-09-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained first point for the Luxemburg Show Chapion title
Shine gained in Luxemburg his first point for the Luxemburg Show Champion title. He had a lot of competition in Intermediate dog.
So I'm very pleased.
06-09-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained again BOB!
Shine got again BOB on the main club show in Sondershausen! So now he is club Winner 2008! I am very pleased.
Afterwards we visit Joanna and Alex to see how the puppy's from Jairo and Sky do. They look all very promising! We both are very happy with this litter.
01-09-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained Club Champion point!
Shine gained in Gelsenkirchen his club point.

Matthias thanks for the beautifull Pictures
25-08-2008 , Mirjam

Video puppy's!
The puppy's video!

08-08-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained again BOB!
Shine got in Germany on the National Breed Show again Best of Breed!
Judge was Regina Blessing.
03-08-2008 , Mirjam

Dancer lives with Peter and Vera now
Dancer has found a lovely family which he can play and make sports with.
Bye you little fellow and till soon!
30-07-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra and Shine have a A hipscore!
I've just got the hipscore results of Kyra and Shine. They both have an A-hipscore. I am very pleased!
28-07-2008 , Mirjam

Jairo became daddy again! Ten Puppy's!
Jairo became father again today. This time ten puppy's! Look also at
From Borders World
I think I will be a little piece of Work.
26-07-2008 , Mirjam

Dancer is at home!
I just picked up Dancer. He is a lovely and sweet boy. I am still looking for a nice family and home. Please, when you have a question, contact us.

12-07-2008 , Mirjam

Gaelic Dancer and Good Fellow Gaylord arelooking for a home!

People who are interested could call or mail me.
01-07-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra passed her examen.
Kyra passed the examen, what will be needed to start in competitions at all in Germany. I am very proud!!!!!
29-06-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained again BOB
Shine gained again BOB on a champ show.
Saturday he was second in his class, but on Sunday he got the dog CACIB and BOB! I,m very pleased.
16-06-2008 , Mirjam

Candy has been mated!
Candy has been mated by Jairo. Now we hope everything is going alright.
06-06-2008 , Mirjam

Candy is in season!
We can plan! Candy is in season. So, we will have puppies in 11 weeks.
23-05-2008 , Mirjam

Succesfull in Saarbrücken (D)
On Saturday in Arnhem (NL) only a 3th place for Shine and Kyra, in Saarbrücken the Dog CACIB and Saarland winner title for Shine and the 1st place for Kyra with the Saarland Youth winner title on Sunday. At Monday Shine became BOB and Res Best in Show and Kyra a 3th place.
13-05-2008 , Mirjam

Amy crossed the rainbowbridge
Today I heard the terrible news, that Amy (Jairo-Kira daughter), has passed away. A damaged milt is the most likely problem. She wasn't even one year old. We send some energy to the owners of Amy to accept this awfull lost.
13-05-2008 , Mirjam

The puppies from Jairo and Roxy are born!
The puppies from Jairo and Roxy are born. Two boys and three girls. They are all black and white and beautifull marked.

03-05-2008 , Mirjam

Shine got BOB in Lingen, Germany!
Shine got BOB today on the Champ Breed Show in Lingen, Germany. Kyra got a second place.
20-04-2008 , Mirjam

Roxy is pregnant!
Roxy von Hamels Hof is pregnant!! This means that Jairo will be daddy again in 4 weeks. When you are interested in a puppy from this litter you can contact me or Uschi
04-04-2008 , Mirjam

Shine gained his first CAC.
Shine gained his first CAC, in intermediate dog, for the "big" German Champion title. Kyra got a res.CACJ.
31-03-2008 , Mirjam

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our A litter!!! Congratulations to Jip, Pinto, Kyra, Don and Lucy.
27-03-2008 , Mirjam

Jairo qualified again for Crufts
Jairo qualified again for Crufts, this time in Prague. 77 Bordercollies were there. Shine got a second place out of 15 and the most proud I am about Kyra, she became third ou of 28 bitches! I am very pleased.
23-03-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra gained the Dutch Youth Championship!
Kyra gained today in Leiden her Dutch Youthchampionship!
She did this in only 3 shows and 11 months old.
Shine became second again behind Sem jr. who is now Dutch Youth Champion.
16-03-2008 , Mirjam

Jairo mated Roxy
Jairo mated on 3-3-08 and 5-3-08 Roxy von Hamels Hof at the of Holly Hill kennel. We are expecting black and white puppies and maybe some blue and white puppies.
11-03-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra gained one point
Kyra gained again another point, last Sunday for the NL Youth Championship.
06-03-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra did it again!
Kyra got, now in Eindhoven (NL), again a first place in Junior Bitch. And she became the reserve CAC. This means a quarter point for the "real" Dutch championship. Shine was second in Junior Dog with a excellent. He was really moving well today, so I was happy about it, because last week he didn't move well. (because of the slippery floor?)
08-02-2008 , Mirjam

Kyra gained the Luxemburgs champion title.
Kyra won her class today and became Luxemburgs Youth Champion.
She is only 10 months old. Shine got a second place in his class.
03-02-2008 , Mirjam

The first lambs are born!
The first lambs are born! 3 at one time. 2 girls and a boy.
Mother and kids are doing well.
02-02-2008 , Mirjam

Lucy visited the dogshow in Nürnberg
I was on the dogshow in Nürnberg yesterday and saw Lucy the first time after she had left as puppy. I was very curious how she looks like. I can only say that she has become a beautifull young lovely lady.
21-01-2008 , Mirjam

Puppy Visit
Today Don, Angel and Chewi visited us. The dogs amused themselves with the water outside. We had also a lot of fun, although we had to clean the dogs afterwards. We also took some pictures. Look at the A-litter site and at Puppies at other breeders.
13-01-2008 , Mirjam

Chewbacca of Fast Crazy Fly visited us
Chewi visited our place today, look also at puppies at other breeders.
31-12-2007 , Mirjam

Shine gained another point for the Dutch youth championship
Shine gained today in Wijchen (NL) another point for his Dutch youthtitle.
Now he needs only one.
15-12-2007 , Mirjam

Shine German (VDH + Club) Youth Champion!
Shine became German (VDH + Club) youth Champion yesterday!!!! Also he was placed at the last 8 dogs in the FCI 1 group. Today he was 2nd out of 11 entry's. So I am very pleased.
09-12-2007 , Mirjam

Kyra was best puppy of breed in Amsterdam!
Kyra became best puppy of breed in Amsterdam and got placed to the best 8 or 9 (?) puppy's. I'm very happy with this result.
25-11-2007 , Mirjam

Shine got his Crufsqualification for 2008!
Shine became yesterday on the Bordercollie club of WestEngland Champ Show a third place in Junior Dog. This means he got his cruftsquali for 2008! In yearling Dog he became a fourth place, so I am very pleased! So we will travel with two dogs to Crufts in March.
Jairo was unfortunality not placed in Open Dog yesterday.
19-11-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo became 2x CACIB in Bratislava
Jairo became 2x in Bratislava Best Dog and gaines again the dog challenge Certificate for Crufts. Shine had 2x third place in Youth class. Not qualified for Cufts yet, but he is 2 days 9 months old now, so he is very young.
20-08-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo became this weekend his Danish Championship!
Jairo got the first day BOB and became Danish Champion.
Yesterday he got the reserve ticket. Shine hat the first day promising and yesterday he was best puppy!
We are proud of our boys.
13-08-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo became daddy again!
Jairo became today daddy again! 4 bitches and 4 dogs. 3 puppy's are blue and white and 5 puppy's are black and white. This means he is approved blue carrier like his daddy Storm. We didn't expected this but we are really happy. See also Bordercollies of Fast Crazy Fly

06-08-2007 , Mirjam

Puppy visit in Siegen (D)
Yesterday we visited Jairo's puppy's in Siegen. We had a very nice day with our dogs. Kyra, Shine and Jairo were there. They liked the day most of all. Eva brought Casper, Kira and Jairo's puppy's Amy and Anton with her, Manuela had a pregnant Joy, Gina, Petey, Laddy and of course Don with her, Silke was there with Trinity and Lana and Steffi had Bandit with her. Also there were a few people from the dog training club Siegen. It was a nice group! The weather was during the day relative good, so we had a lot of fun. Silke made some wonderfull Pictures, so we can't forget this beautifull day!
Thanks Silke for the wonderfull Pictures!

23-07-2007 , Mirjam

Kyra 11-7-2007
11-07-2007 , Mirjam

Kyra in Action!
24-06-2007 , Mirjam

Our puppies!

23-05-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo became Europe Winner in Germany!
Jairo became in Dortmund, Germany another Show Titel; Europasieger! (Europe Winner)
04-05-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo gained again Cruftsqualification!
Jairo got in Denmark his Cruftsqualification for 2008! With this result he also get a point for the Danish Championchip. This means he only need one point now to become champion!
30-04-2007 , Mirjam

Our puppies are growing!
Our puppies step into the future!

Still relax before we make a step into the future! We become even other food. Did I behave myself? What does it matter? Mum cleans everything up.
16-04-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo also Luxemburgs Show Champion!!
Jairo became today in Luxemburg his 3th Show Champion title.

This is terrific!!!!!!!
Sabrina, thanks for the excellent handling today!!!
01-04-2007 , Mirjam

The puppies arrived!
The puppy's arrived savely this afternoon. Mother and kids are doing fine. Three blue and white bitches, one blue and white dog and one black and white dog.
Joke, thanks for your assistance.

27-03-2007 , Mirjam

Our new dog!
A new dog has arrived! Shine! His full name is Altamera Memphis Moonlight.
He is a blue and white dog and is four months old. He is a wonderfull dog with a lovely temper. I want to thank Alan McCord to let me have such a lovely dog! A first photo.
17-03-2007 , Mirjam

TNS Result Jairo and Candy
I've got the TNS results from Jairo and Candy today.

Jairo is TNS Clear/Normal
Candy is TNS Carrier
15-03-2007 , Mirjam

The winnershow 2006 Amsterdam
This time there were a lot of dogs from abroad on the winnershow. Maybe because of the Judge Vic Salt. Jairo got an excellent 3th place in the championclass. Yris and Candy also became an excellent, but were not placed.
But the most beautifull moment was the first place in the breedersstake with the From Borders Home kennel.

from left to the right: Sabrina Smit with From Borders Home Wind of Change, Ron Schoe with From Borders Home You are Unique, Ian Wiltshire with From Borders Home Unique Sem and me with From Borders Home Uriël Jairo
22-01-2007 , Mirjam

What a lovely weekend!
We were in Leipzig (D) this weekend (11-9-2006) and Jairo gained two times BOB.
That was not done, because Yris gained her German youth (club) Championship. Great isn't it!
22-01-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo also German Club Champion
At 27-8-2006 Jairo became his German Club Championship in Bramstedt on the bordercollie speciality show under Sue Large.
22-01-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo also now Dutch Champion
Jairo also becomes his Dutch Championship title. This in a few weeks after his German championship. We are very proud of our dog.
21-01-2007 , Mirjam

Jairo German (VDH) Champion
At 29-5-2006 Jairo got his last CAC for the German (VDH) championship in Neumünster. He also won the CACIB and BOB!
21-01-2007 , Mirjam

Winner 2005! Amsterdam
Jairo has won CAC, CACIB and BOB at the biggest show in the Netherlands and with that qualified for Crufts 2007!. He also became second in the FC1 group! The winner in the FC1 group (a Bouvier) became later Best of Show.
What a magnificent result. I still can't believe it.

05-12-2005 , Mirjam

Today, 15 November 2005, we received good news. The kennelname "Borderwell" is as of today registrated by FCI.
So if we have puppies in the future they will have this name.
04-12-2005 , Mirjam