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We, Dieter, Mirjam and daughter Manuela are crazy about our 6 Bordercollies, Lester, Jairo, Yris, Candy, Shine and Kyra. We do a lot of activities with our dogs. If you want to know more, than take a look at our site. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.
Enjoy your stay at our website.

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Jairo: 28-05-2006 German VDH Champion                       Jairo: 24-06-2006 Dutch Champion                       Jairo: 27-08-2006 German Club Champion                       Yris: 09-09-2006 German Youth (Club) Champion                       Jairo: 01-04-2007 Luxembourg Champion                       Jairo: 11-08-2007 Danish Champion                       Shine: 08-12-2007 German (VDH + Club) Youth Champion                       Jairo: 04-07-2008 Reserve World Winner 2008                       Shine: 04-04-2009 German (VDH + Club) Champion                      
Puppy's expected 7 January 2019!

09-12-2018 by Mirjam


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