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We, Dieter, Mirjam and daughter Manuela are crazy about our 6 Bordercollies, Lester, Jairo, Yris, Candy, Shine and Kyra. We do a lot of activities with our dogs. If you want to know more, than take a look at our site. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.
Enjoy your stay at our website.

Laatste nieuws
Jairo: 28-05-2006 German VDH Champion                       Jairo: 24-06-2006 Dutch Champion                       Jairo: 27-08-2006 German Club Champion                       Yris: 09-09-2006 German Youth (Club) Champion                       Jairo: 01-04-2007 Luxembourg Champion                       Jairo: 11-08-2007 Danish Champion                       Shine: 08-12-2007 German (VDH + Club) Youth Champion                       Jairo: 04-07-2008 Reserve World Winner 2008                       Shine: 04-04-2009 German (VDH + Club) Champion                      
Puppys are born!
5 puppys, 3 Males (2 x Black and White en 1 x chocolate/tri) en 2 Bitches ( 1x Chocolate White and 1 x chocolate/tri) Puppys and mom are doing well

Daddy is Gjerulff King of Victory and mom our Borderwell Just Jamie
26-08-2020 , Mirjam

Puppys expected end of August!!!!
We'll expect puppys at the end of August 2020!!!

27-06-2020 , Mirjam

Puppys of Quinn and Percy are born!
The puppys of Quinn and Percy are born am 9 January 2019! The two Boys are still available!




15-01-2019 , Mirjam

Puppy's expected 7 January 2019!
Puppy's expected 7 January 2019!

For further information FB site Borderwell Bordercollies!
09-12-2018 , Mirjam

Puppy planning
This winter a litter is planed with Quinn. (Borderwell Just Jamie) Show several times 2nd place excellent, agility A3.(grade 6 in England) All DNA tests free (IGS, TNS, NCL, GG, SN, MDR 1, CEA), HD B, ED 0 and shoulders free. The studdog I will use have a A hipscore.
22-10-2018 , Mirjam

All puppies have new owners!
All the puppies of Djoa and Luke heve a new home!
23-07-2015 , Mirjam

Puppy's born!
De puppy's of Djoa and Luke are born! 4 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen!

All are black and white, possible 1 is tri colour.
08-06-2015 , Mirjam

Pups in 3 weeks!!!!!!!
18-05-2015 , Mirjam

Djoa has been mated!
Djoa has been mated by Luke! We expecting healthypuppies in black and white and tricolour.
08-04-2015 , Mirjam

All puppy's have new owners
All puppy's moved out to their new owners! I wish them all the luck and fun for there lives!
13-10-2014 , Mirjam

Puppy available 7 weeks old

This 7 weeks old puppy is looking for a good home
01-10-2014 , Mirjam

Shine and Jean puppies are born!
Jean and Shine puppies are born! 4 males (1 blue and white and 3 black and whte) and 1 girl (blue and white). Puppies are available!

12-08-2014 , Mirjam

Joy 4th on Crufts 2013!!!
Joy got 4th in postgraduate on Crufts 2013!!! I'm very pleased!

16-03-2013 , Mirjam

Jimmy is looking for a new home.
This sweet boy, 16 weeks old, is looking for a active home.

More pics in the photo gallery!
Thanks Johanna for the beautifull pictures!!!
08-07-2012 , Mirjam

Puppy's Tjopp and Britt are born!
Puppy's of Britt and Tjopp are born. All 3 are males and available.

Reu/Dog 1

Reu/Dog 2

Reu/Dog 3

08-07-2012 , Mirjam

H - Litter!
Britt is pregnant. Father of the puppy's is Tjopp Shepherds Dream. Expecting black and white and blue merle puppy's. Probably with tan.

01-06-2012 , Mirjam

Borderwell Gorgeous Catano's Pride
This boy is still looking for a new home.

30-04-2012 , Mirjam

Eyes open!

He is 2 weeks old and tries to walk.
30-03-2012 , Mirjam

Capi sheep herding!
Capi, brother of Djoa and Jean started his herding lessons.

19-03-2012 , Mirjam

Puppy's Djoa and Luke
The puppy's of Djoa and Luke are born. Only 1 pup survived sadly. He and his mother are doing well.
18-03-2012 , Mirjam

Djoa 7 weeks pregnant!
06-03-2012 , Mirjam

Show Buchholz
Yesterday I showed Joy and Luke in Buchholz.
Joy got a Res CAC (out of 7 dogs) and Luke, which was shown by me, got his first CAC! So I was very pleased!

Here the beautifull almost daddy Luke
28-02-2012 , Mirjam

Djoa is in welp!

Only 4 more weeks!
17-02-2012 , Mirjam

Finn (F-litter) has much fun in the snow!

31-01-2012 , Mirjam

Puppy's expected in March!
Djoa is in season and if everything worked out as we planed, we will have puppy's in March. The father of the puppy's will be a grandson of Littlethorn Continental. Hopefully Djoa will like him. His name is El Cata˝o of Goblin's Fountain. We wish active new owners for the pups. More info about the dog, soon on my website.

01-01-2012 , Mirjam

New Pictures added at D, E and F litter!!!!
New pictures added at D, E and F litter! Look in the Fotoalbum

05-12-2011 , Mirjam

New Pictures!
New Photo's in Fotoalbum
12-09-2011 , Mirjam

Shine's brother best in show in Bergheim!

07-09-2011 , Mirjam

New puppy pics!
New pictures of the F litter in the album!

05-08-2011 , Mirjam

Puppy's of Britt and Shine are born!

There are 2 ladies and 1 gentleman!
27-07-2011 , Mirjam

Joy German (VDH+Club) Junior Champion!
Joy gained yesterday in Gelsenkirchen her German (VDH+Club) Junior Show Champion title. She got it in only 3 shows with 9 months of age. Faster was not possible. LOL. I'm very pleased for my home bred bitch.

Foto: Sandra Meyle
04-07-2011 , Mirjam

Britt is pregnant!
We make a scan yesterday and Britt is pregnant! We saw 4 puppy's but probably there are more.

29-06-2011 , Mirjam

Joy got 2 x CACJ in Erfurt
Joy got on both show days in Erfurt a CACJ! I'm very pleased.

Matthias thanks!
22-06-2011 , Mirjam

Puppy's expected end of July
Britt has been mated by Shine. Puppy's are expected at the end of July.
Inquieries are welcome.

27-05-2011 , Mirjam

D litter has birthday!
Our D litter has birthday today. Congratulations to Mexx, Eddy, DJ, Devon and Duffy!!!!!!

26-05-2011 , Mirjam

Dancer had birthday!
Dancer became 3 years old yesterday! Congrats!
03-05-2011 , Mirjam

Show weekend Oldenburg
Again a showweekend! Saturday I was surprised and pleased of the first place for Jean! Also pleased about Solo's BOB, which I handled. Sunday became Duffy (Borderwell Davida Dream Girl) first in Juniorclass and Jean third! Again BOB for Solo. What a lovely weekend!

Borderwell Davida Dream Girl - Duffy
13-04-2011 , Mirjam

Shine now Lux Sh Ch!
Shine gained after Sunday in Luxemburg the Lux. Champion title! Joy won best puppy female and Britt became 4th.
31-03-2011 , Mirjam

Joy almost a half year old!
Joy almost a half year!

05-03-2011 , Mirjam

Winner 2010!
Again a good day in Amsterdam yesterday. Borderwell Devon Driver (Kyra, Solo) won best puppy in breed and was picked out at the last 10 best puppy's in show! Jean got a 4th excellent in junior although she is still so young. Solo, which I handled, got 3rd in Championclass. Djoa sadly not placed, but still very well done. Laura thanks for handling.

Foto: Bertha Willms
Borderwell Devon Driver Best Puppy in breed and at the best 10 puppy's in show

29-11-2010 , Mirjam

C-Litter 1 year!
Our C-litter has their birthday today. Congratulations to Alice, Capi, Djoa, Jean en Flynn.
18-11-2010 , Mirjam

Shine gained a 2nd place on saterday in the championstakes and a 2nd in open class on sunday. So he gained his studbooknumber!!! I'm very pleased.
10-11-2010 , Mirjam

Jairo became granddad!
Jairo is now granddad! Take a look at Falconsway Bordercollies .
30-10-2010 , Mirjam

Dancer is German (VDH + Club) Sh Champion!
Dancer won his class yesterday in Dortmund and is now German (VDH+Club) Champion. Also many congrats to Peter and Vera and his breeder Uschi.

Thanks Caz!
17-10-2010 , Mirjam

Eyes already open!
Our girl already opened her eyes.

22-09-2010 , Mirjam

Puppy Britt and Shine born today
The puppy of Britt and Shine was born today. It's a black and white bitch.

09-09-2010 , Mirjam

All puppy's have found new homes.
All the puppy's of my D litter found nice new homes. They are all doing well. Hopefully new pictures soon.
19-08-2010 , Mirjam

Britt German Show Champion and Candy German Veteran Champion!
After the show in Bremen Candy is a German veteran Champion and Britt got last weekend the German Show Title! I am very pleased.
10-08-2010 , Mirjam

B-Litter has Birthday!
Our B-litter have birthday today. Abby, Carrie, Carly, Sam and Írni, have a lovely day.
05-08-2010 , Mirjam

Borderwell Black Magic German Champion THS!
Carrie (Borderwell Black Magic) gained with boss David and two other teammates (Natalie with Dakota von Weideland and Sebastian with Sam) the Bundessieger THS Champion title 2010! David, Natalie and Sebastian many congrats with this wonderfull result!

27-07-2010 , Mirjam

These 2 boys are looking for a new home.
These 2 boys are looking for a sports/pet family.

17-07-2010 , Mirjam

Puppy's Kyra and Solo nearly 6 weeks
06-07-2010 , Mirjam

Puppy's Kyra and Solo 17-6-2010 (3 weeks old)
17-06-2010 , Mirjam

Mimi second at RO Zagreb!
A daughter of Shine, Mimi (Mirai Seta Del Oro) became second today in Obedience competition RO in Zagreb! Very well done Sibila and Mimi! I'm proud of you both!

13-06-2010 , Mirjam

2 male puppy's available!
2 male puppy's are available, because I had so many inquiries for bitches.
31-05-2010 , Mirjam

Kyra's and Solo's puppy's are born!
Kyra's and Solo's puppy's are born. 4 dogs and 1 bitch.

26-05-2010 , Mirjam

Britt passed her exam!
Britt passed her obedience test today. I'm very pleased.

16-05-2010 , Mirjam

Jean almost 6 months old!
09-05-2010 , Mirjam

Kyra three weeks before birth!
09-05-2010 , Mirjam

Kyra is pregnant!
Just came back from the vet. Kyra is pregnant! 29 May expecting the puppy's.
27-04-2010 , Mirjam

Kyra has been mated by Solo!
Kyra has been mated by Solo! (look at D-litter). Now we have to wait if everything goes well. Solo is a real gentleman! I am so happy he will be the father of my puppy's. Thanks Ineke for letting me have him for stud.
13-04-2010 , Mirjam

Jean and Candy play together!
03-02-2010 , Mirjam

Capi his new home in Slovenia
Capi and his new friends in Slovenia.

26-01-2010 , Mirjam

Puppy's are leaving!
There are already 3 puppy's moved out. No 4 is leaving on thursday. On the photo Djoa at their new family with friend Dancer.

17-01-2010 , Mirjam

The puppy's are 7 weeks old and have a lot of fun in the snow! Take a look at the photo's in the album.

11-01-2010 , Mirjam

Shine's offspring 1 year!
Shine's daughters and son are today one year old! Happy birthday you little great puppy's!

18-12-2009 , Mirjam

Shine Winner 2009!
Shine became winner 2009 yesterday in Amsterdam. The big party could start after Alan's Evie, which I showed, became BOB! Britt completed the day to win the intermediate class, showing by Lorna! Thanks Lorna for showing her.

Ineke thanks for making the pictuures!

30-11-2009 , Mirjam

Candy and Posh puppy's arrived!
Candy delivered 5 nice and healthy puppy's. The birth was a bit long, but everything is fine. There are 2 boys and 3 girls.

18-11-2009 , Mirjam

Carrie (B-litter) passed exam!
Carrie passed the exam for the obedience test today. Congratulations Carrie and David! Very well done!
16-11-2009 , Mirjam

Candy 8 weeks pregnant!
Candy's a little bit more then one week to go.

09-11-2009 , Mirjam

Candy 8 weeks pregnant!
Candy's a little bit more then one week to go.

09-11-2009 , Mirjam

Shine gained BOB and is now Dutch Show champion!
Shine gained in Bleiswijk BOB and so his last ticket for the Dutch show champion title! Now we can celebrate a little bit.........
07-11-2009 , Mirjam

Britt's x-ray's finally found!
Britt her x-ray photo's are finally found! Her hipscore: A1 and elbowscore free. I am very pleased.
28-10-2009 , Mirjam

Candy is in whelp!
We saw 5 puppy's on the scan. Now we have to wait till the 4 weeks are over.
22-10-2009 , Mirjam

Kyra is German (VDH+Club) Champion!
Kyra gained at the Bundessiegershow the last point for the German (VDH+Club) Champion title
and she is the first own bred dog to do so. I am very pleased.
17-10-2009 , Mirjam

Candy has been mated!
Candy has been mated by Posh. Hopefuly this time we will have puppies. We expect the puppies about 20 November.
21-09-2009 , Mirjam

It shouldn't be!
It shoudn't be.

4 Weeks ago, we saw 2 puppy's on the scan. Last Friday only one, but alive. Yesterday morning didn't beat the heart anymore. Sadly we had to operate Kyra to get the dead puppy out. Now is she still searching for the puppy. This is so hard.....
08-09-2009 , Mirjam

Kyra is in welp!
We just arrived homefrom the vet. The scan confirmed that Kyra is in welp. We expect in 4 weeks the puppy's.
05-08-2009 , Mirjam

Our B-litter 1 year old!
Our B-litter celebrate there birthday today! Have a lot of fun today; Carly, Abby, Carrie, Sam and Írni.
05-08-2009 , Mirjam

6 shows in 11 days
We had 6 shows in 11 days with rather good results. Britt 2 x BOB and Dancer gained his German youth title. See showresults.
03-08-2009 , Mirjam

Show Echt NL
Yesterday was the outdoor show in Echt, NL. It was very warm and sunny. My dogs didn't like the hot wether, but I think the other dogs had the same problems. I am very happy, because Britt got the CAC and Shine the Reserve CAC.
But the most pleasant thing is that Dancer presentend himself very well. We trained very hard with him and he finaly moved very well. I am so proud of this boy, because he learned so fast! He became a very good, but not of his movement. He put out his jacket and this was the reason he got this note.
06-07-2009 , Mirjam

Kyra has been mated!
Kyra has been mated. Now we keep our fingers crossed.
06-07-2009 , Mirjam

Kyra started her season!
After let us wait a little bit longer, Kyra started her season. OkÚ, we can plan our trip to England now!
22-06-2009 , Mirjam

Britt now also German VDH youth Champion!
Since yesterday, Britt is now also German VDH Junior Champion.
The jugde wrote a very nice critique.
Dancer was fourth with an excellent.
14-06-2009 , Mirjam

Britt qualified for Crufts 2010!
Britt qualified for Crufts 2010 last weekend in Slovenia.
10-06-2009 , Mirjam

Results National show Slovenia
Britt and Shine gained good results yesterday on the national show in Slovenia. Britt got her 3th CAC in junior bitch and is now Slovenian Junior Champion and Shine got his first CAC, got BOB en BOG in FCI group 1!!!!
I am very proud of my doggies.

01-06-2009 , Mirjam

CAC Show Grefrath, Germany!
Today I had a realy good day. Kyra won the Rheinland Trophy (2008).
Shine was best from 11 dogs in open class and Britt won her class, where 15 dogs were entered and she is now German Youth (Club) Champion. I am very pleased.
19-04-2009 , Mirjam

Shine is now German (VDH + Club)Sh. Champion!
Shine gained his last ticket today in Dresden (D) for the German (VDH + Club) Show Champion title! And is now German Show Champion.
04-04-2009 , Mirjam

Critique Shine on Crufts
26-03-2009 , Mirjam

Shine gained second CAC
Shine became Best Dog and gained so his second point for the dutch championship. Britt was 4th with a very good.
15-03-2009 , Mirjam

Shine gained on Crufts in Birmingham a second place. Britt was sadly not placed. I'm very pleased.
Lorna, thank you for handling my doggies.
10-03-2009 , Mirjam

Glaucoma testresult!
Today the vet Dr. Hennecken had tested my dogs for glaucoma. All the dogs are UNAFFECTED! Tested are; Jairo, Shine, Candy, Kyra, Britt and Dancer.
I am very pleased.
06-03-2009 , Mirjam

Dancer is Clubchampion in heelwork.
Dancer became Clubchampion in a heelwork test. He was the best of his group and of the whole club. His boss Peter thinks of so about 120 dogs. I'm very proud of Dancer and Peter. Keep going!

Here Dancer with his boss Peter and the big prices!

01-12-2008 , Mirjam

Jairo wins the Res. World Winner title !
Jairo won yesterday in Stockholm the Reserve World Winner title, behind World and Crufts RDCC Winner Tonkory Incognito!
This is marvellous! The judge was very pleased about his movement. It was as if Jairo knew how important this show was, because he moves like a train. His coat was also excellent, so together this was worth the reserve title! I am very proud of our boy!!!!!!!

Erik, Hanne and Jesper thanks for the wonderfull pictures!
05-07-2008 , Mirjam


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